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About Spaceport Strategies LLC
Spaceport Strategies LLC was founded in 2012 by Jim Ball to provide strategies, solutions, and development advice to public and private organizations engaged in planning, operating, or using spaceports.

He has offered clients decades of experience and innovative approaches to the challenges of enabling commercial space transportation through efficient, sustainable spaceport capabilities.  At this time, he is not seeking or accepting long-term consulting assignments.  
Jim Ball founded Spaceport Strategies after retiring from a distinguished 28-year NASA career.  His federal service was highlighted by efforts to enable and support the growth of commercial space capabilities in the U.S.  Over four decades of professional experience in the space industry includes active involvement in commercial space site selection and development, operational concept development, public-private financing, and regulatory policy.
He has served as a consultant to Space Florida, helping to grow Florida's commercial space capabilities.  He has advised on and directly supported the dramatic commercial space growth at the Cape Canaveral Spaceport -- NASA Kennedy Space Center and the Cape Canaveral Space Force Station. 

He has also served as a consultant to other state and local spaceport entities, several engineering firms, and participated in industry innovation and regulatory reform studies.

At NASA, he served as Spaceport Development Manager at Kennedy Space Center, leading spaceport planning efforts and transformational development strategies.

His extensive experience includes major pre-development environmental and land planning, public-private funding, and formulation of strategic partnerships
Assisting the development and growth of commercial space transportation
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